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Attendance Management

With the attendance management, you can adjust the list of people present remotely during the meeting.

Consult attendance before meeting

Attendance management before the meeting cannot be done in Beenote. You have access to this information directly in your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar.

You must first create a complete agenda and check the box to synchronize the meeting with Outlook or Google. An event will be created automatically in your calendar and those of your colleagues.

Then you will be able to see who responded to the meeting email invitation.

Tip: How to synchronize Beenote with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Google Calendar.


Consult attendance during meeting

First, it is interesting to know that at any time during the meeting, you can display the attendance management.
Clic on the button attendance-icone ,located in the upper menu of the meeting, to manage your attendance.

When the meeting ends, the attendance page is automatically displayed.

This allows you to validate who was present at the meeting and thus make a good attendance management.


Modifiy the attendance list

You can then adjust the list of people present at the meeting, adding those who were not invited at the time of the initial planning.

In addition, you can manage the attendance by indicating whether the people invited were present or absent at the meeting.

As a result, you will even be able to see if people logged in to the meeting remotely in Beenote.


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Manage attendance after the meeting

At this point, the agenda is awaiting review for final changes before the final minutes are sent out.

Therefore, this will be a good time to make final changes or validate attendance.

1. To manage attendance after a meeting, simply go to your Beespace.

Then select the Unpublished agendas tab.

2. To do so, select the desired meeting that is in the unpublished list in order to make the changes

3. Then press the Attendance button located in the upper menu of the meeting to make the changes.


4. The attendance list window will appear. Edit and save.

Suggestion: Do not remove absentees from the list, as this list is used to indicate attendance and absences in the minutes.

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