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Postpone a Topic

Note: Postpone a Topic is a Beeboard feature.

You are in a meeting and you don’t have enough time to talk about the last topic? Simply postpone a topic to your next meeting.

How to Postpone a Topic

1.Now, start and hold your scheduled meeting.

2. For changing the topic in your meeting, click on the grey arrow Beenote-fleche-changer-de-sujet in the options bar at the bottom of your current topic or check the box Beenote-case-a-cocher-sujet-ordre-du-jour of the next desired topic.

3. For postpone a topic, simply uncheck it.


4. Now, end your meeting by pressing Close Meetingclose-meeting-large-icone or this icon .

5.You will then be able to perform your Attendance Management. Confirm.

6. Beenote will then ask you if you wish to add the topic(s) that have not been covered in the Topics Registry. Click Yes for saving it for later.

Add a postponed topics in the agenda

When planning your next meeting, you can look for the postponed topics in the Topics Register and put them back on the agenda.

1.Create a new agenda.

2.Click on Topics to the right of Agenda.


3. A new window will open. This will present all the topics that are in the Topics Register.


4.Choose the one you want to put on the agenda of the meeting by clicking on this icon choisir-appliquer-modele-reunion.

5. It will be automatically added at the end of the Agenda.


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