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The Beespace

Your Beenote dashboard

The Beespace is your personal dashboard for managing your meetings. This tool allows you to have a good overview of your governance management.

The functions of Beespace

In fact, the functions found in Dashboard allow you to quickly view meetings, teams, to-do lists and personal notes.

In addition, it is possible to perform quick searches by key words in meetings, tasks or personal notes.

However, there are several important elements such as:

1.The home page of your personal dashboard: Beespace
2.All upcoming meetings in the next 7 days
3.The list of your tasks and search tools by date and importance
4. Also, a directory of all your Personal notes (Beeboard only)
5.Overview of the Beeboard and Beenote teams

Beenote-Beespace section1-EN

In the menu on the left, you can also find :

Beenote-Beespace section2-EN

6. All your upcoming, completed or overdue meetings
7. Your unpublished meetings
8. All your minutes directory
9. All your governance management statistics
10. Tool to invite teammates