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Tasks Management

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When you are in your Beespace, your personal dashboard, your tasks table is in the lower section. It is in this one that you will find all your personal, followed and assigned tasks to make it easy with the tasks management.

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Create a New Task

To create a new task, click on the add-new-task to the right of My Tasks. A new window will open.

(1) Give this task a name.
(2) Enter details of this new task. The Antidote flask allows you to use the corrector integrated in Beenote with a simple click.
(3) You can choose the folder where the task belongs.
(4) Determine who to assign the task to, yourself or someone else* on your work team. The task can be assigned to only one person.
(5) Determine who to designate as an observer*. There may be more than one person in this role. You may also choose not to designate an observer.
(6) Set a deadline for the achievement of the task.
(7) As soon as you create a task, you can change its status (Not started, In progress, On hold, Cancelled and Completed).
(8) Set the priority of the task. The tasks are numbered from 1 to 5. The smaller the number, the higher the priority.
icone-trombonneYou can attach files related to the task. No need to search for documents through email exchanges or shared files. Everything is easily accessible from the same place!
Do you find that there are many details to the task and that the writing of these in the space provided for this purpose is long? Beenote offers you a quick solution! You can record a voice message. All you must do is give permission to the microphone.

*In order to assign a task to a person or assign someone else as observers, the task must be linked to any folder other than the Personal File. Why? It’s simple! The Personal File is only for you. As its name suggests, this file is personal, meaning that no one else has access to it. So, you cannot name someone other than yourself responsible for a task in this folder.

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Organize the Tasks Table

Filtering Options

You can filter your task list according to four criteria to make it easy with the tasks management:
(1) The status of the tasks (Not started, In progress, On hold, Cancelled and Completed)
(2) The time of their creation (Last month, Last 3 months, Last 6 months, Last year and All dates).
(3) The folder to which they belong.
(4) The type of tasks (All tasks, Assigned tasks, Follow-up tasks and Personal tasks).


add-new-taskAdd a new task.
icone-etoile Indicates a new task or a modification of it and that you have not yet viewed it.
icone-valise Indicates that this task is assigned to you; that you are the person responsible for this task.
icone-modele-partage-avec-organisation Indicates that you are an observer of this task. A task whose evolution you want to follow.
icone-modele-personnel Indicates a personal task.
tableau-tache-tache-en-retard The deadline for completing the task has passed.

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