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Accessing the Topics Register


N.B. This function is available in Beeboard only.



1.To access a topics register, you must first select a Beeboard team from the left menu.

2.In the option bar under the team name, click Registers.

3.In the second option bar under the team name, select Topics.


Consult a Topic in the Register

(1) To the left of the table are written the names of the topics in the register.

(2) To the right of the table are the dates of creation of the topics.

(3) You can perform a keyword search through the register.

(4) By clicking on the add-new-task , you can immediately create a new topic which will be added to the Topics Register.


To view a topic in the register, simply click on the name of the topic. You will have access to information about it.

(1) The name of the topic.

(2) Meeting to which it is related. (Name of the meeting with date and time)

(3) The person in charge of the topic.

(4) The topic goal (to inform, exchange views, generate ideas, consult or decide).

(5) The time allocated to the topic.

ajouter-note To add a note to the topic.

ajouter-liste-items To add a list of items to your topic.

ajouter-lien To insert a link.

ajouter-fichier To add a file as an attachment.


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