Microsoft Outlook Calendar – Beenote Plug-in

Integrate Beenote into your Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Using the Beenote plug-in to integrate with your Outlook Calendar, you can schedule meetings more easily and, most importantly, faster from your calendar.

The Beenote Plug-in is an efficient way to hold a meeting in a structured environment.

Download the Beenote Plug-in for Outlook

If you want to integrate with your Outlook calendar, you must first download the plug-in from the Microsoft store.

* To use this Microsoft integration with Outlook 2013 and 2016, you must be logged in to a Microsoft online account such as Office 365, Live, Hotmail or a domain related to Microsoft but not limited to this list.

Log in with your Microsoft account

1.Then log in to Beenote with your Microsoft account*.

2.Once in Beenote, go to Account Settings at the top left of the window.
3.Click on Integrations.
4.Click Enable.


Your Microsoft calendar is synchronized with Beenote. You can now use Beenote from your Outlook calendar.

* It is important to accept the terms and conditions to access integration in your Outlook calendar.

Use Beenote outside of your calendar

When you create an agenda for a meeting, you have 3 options:

-Do not link with Calendar
-Create a new event
-Link to an existing event


Create a new event

When you Create a new event, your meeting will automatically be added to your calendar when you confirm your agenda.

Please note that there may be a delay before you see your meeting on your calendar. In Draft mode, the meeting also doesn’t appear. It must be confirmed.

Link to an existing event

If you want to create your agenda in Beenote and associate it with an event already organized in your Outlook, you have to select Link to an existing event and choose the one you want.

Beenote-Microsoft Outlook Calendar-link-to-an-existing-event

You will then get the following message:

linked to outlook calendar

Your meeting is now associated with your Outlook calendar event and also with your attendees.

Please note that there may be a delay of a few minutes before you see it in your calendar.

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Secretary mode
For confidential note-taking during your board or committee meeting, depending on the authorized participants. Your agenda content becomes private in real time.