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Folders Management

Folders management made easy with Beenote. Search efficiently and quickly through your teams.


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Search Folders by Team

1.Go to the left menu and select the team for which you want to consult the folders attached to it.

To learn how to Create a Team >

2.Under the team name, you have three possible options: Team, Folders and Registers. Select Folders.

3.In this window, you will find all the folders related to this work team.

(1) Choose the number of folders you want to see. You can potentially have several folders for each team. Therefore, Beenote allows you to limit the number of folders displayed according to your preferences: 5, 10, 25 and 100.

(2) Click on the icon to create a new folder. In order to better organize your folders, you will be asked to complete the following information: folder name, folder short name, description, department, person in charge, start date and end date. Only the name of the folder is mandatory, the others are optional.

(3) Do you want to do a quick search? Just indicate the name of the folder you are going to consult in this search bar to find it quickly.

Folder’s Representation by a Timeline

If you scroll down your page, you will find a timeline indicating each of the meetings that have been held in relation to a specific folder.

To the right of the folder name, the small petit-i-pour-informations indicates several relevant information with a single click: folder name, folder short name, description, person in charge, start date, end date and storage used.

(1) You can filter meetings by keywords.
(2) It is possible to focus research on a given period.

(3) By clicking on this icon annotation, you will be able to modify the information in the folder. 
(4) By clicking on this icon ligne-du-temps-toutes-taches-dossier, you will have access to all the tasks that have been assigned in this folder.
(5) By selecting this icon ligne-du-temps-toutes-decisions-du-dossier, you will be able to view all the decisions that have been made in this folder.
(6) To duplicate the meeting.
(7) To access the published minutes.
(8) See the tasks assigned in this meeting.
(9) Revisit the decisions taken during this meeting.
icone-dossier By clicking on this icon, you can change the folder in which the meeting is in.

View Tasks by Folder

1.When you are in your Beespace, go to your My Tasks board.

2.You can quickly view your tasks according to the folder to which they are associated. Simply select the desired folder from the choices and tasks will be limited according to the filter you have just added to ease folders management. 

To learn more about Follow Up on Assigned Tasks >

Associate a Task Assigned Outside a Meeting with a Folder

Folders management has never been easier!
1.When you create a new task by clicking on the add-new-task to the right of My Tasks, in the new window that appears, you can select the folder to which it belongs.
2.Click on the arrow to bring up the drop-down menu for all your folders. Select the appropriate one. Then click on Save.

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