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System Roles and their Use Rights

Beenote provides specific usage rights based on the system’s role of an organization’s members: Account Manager, Administrator and Standard User.

What you will find in this article:

Usage Rights
Standard user

System Roles
Change the system role of users

Table of System Roles and Rigths
Complete table of system roles and rights

Account Manager Rights

The Beenote account manager is usually the one who created the Beenote account first.

He has full rights to Beenote and specifically to these rights:


Team management rights

Administrator Rights

If you are an administrator, the account manager has given you the right to do so. Here are the rights you have:


Team management rights

As a standard Beenote user you have the following rights:

Team management rights

Create a team: Invite existing members to the team

Management of your team’s folders

Once your teammates have accepted the invitation, they are automatically accepted as standard users. If you want to change the rights of a user, you can do so by clicking on :

(1) Click on Administration in the menu at the top right corner.

(2) Then click on Users. You can see the list of all users and the rights assigned to them.

(3) Open the box of the user whose System Rights you want to change.


(4) Choose the system role you want to assign to this user.

(5) Don’t forget to save your changes.


Complete table of manager, administrator and standard user rights and system roles

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