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Agenda Template

Want to use a custom agenda template for a frequently recurring type of meeting? It’s possible with Beenote!

Follow these few steps to save time when preparing for your next meeting.

You can even use pre-built Beenote templates.

Create a Custom Agenda Template

To access the templates, you must first Create an Agenda for a new meeting.

1. When the agenda is complete and ready to be saved as a template, select Templates in the Agenda section.​


2. The Templates window will open. Click on the Save tab.

3. You will now be able to name your template and determine if the template will be for personal use or to share with the entire organization.

Agenda Template 01- modif 2022

4. Then click Save in the lower right corner of the window.

Your template will be available to you only or to the organization when you write your next agenda.

Agenda Template 02- modif 2022

Use your Meeting Template

You want to start a meeting with a Beenote agenda template or one you have created.

When you are in your meeting, select Templates in the Agenda section.


The Templates window will open. The list of your saved meeting templates can be found in the Your Templates tab.

Agenda Template 03- modif 2022

To use a Beenote template by type of meeting, you will find them in the Beenote template tab.

Agenda Template 04-modif 2022

You can click on your template or a Beenote template that you want. Your agenda will be modified and you can customize it as you wish.

You can also use these icons:

icone-apercu-modeleTo see a Preview of the Template.

choisir-appliquer-modele-reunion Select this icon to choose the Template and apply it.

icone-modele-partage-avec-organisationIndicates that the model has been shared with the organization.

icone-modele-personnelIndicates that it is a personal model.

Edit a Meeting Template

Want to modify one of your saved meeting templates? Here’s how to start from your template and recreate one to your liking.

1. In your meeting, select your saved meeting template as mentioned earlier on this page (use an agenda template)

2. Make the changes you want to your agenda template.

3. When your changes are complete, select Templates again.


4. The Templates window will open. Click on the Save tab.


5. You will then be able to give your template a new name and determine if the template will be for personal use or to share with the entire organization.

6. To finish, click on Save in the bottom corner of the window.

Agenda Template 02- modif 2022

Once your new template is registered, if you don’t want to keep the old one, you must go and delete it manually from your registered templates.


Delete a Meeting Template

It is possible to delete one of your meeting templates. Follow these steps to do so.

Note: You will only be able to delete a meeting template that is shared with the organization if it was originally created by you.

1.You must first create a New meeting to access the list of meeting templates.

2.Open the list of templates that you have saved on Your Template tab. Choose the one you want to delete.

3.Click on icone-apercu-modele to access the template preview.

4.Press Delete.

Agenda Template 05- modif 2022

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