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Create a Team

Create your Team in Beenote

Create your Organization

To create a team, you must first create your organization. This step was done when you sign up for Beenote. You can change your organization’s information on the Configuration tab at any time if you are the account manager or administrator.

Learn more about Organization Configuration >

Your Team

When you create your account, your first team is automatically created with the same name as your organization. We recommend that you invite your teammates to this step and then create specific teams.

Learn more on how to Invite Teammates >

Create a New Team in Beenote

1.First, go to the left menu.

2.Click on the add to the right of Teams.

3.A new window will open. This will allow you to give a name to your new team and select the type of team*.
*According to the Beenote account you have.

4.Click on Create and you’re done! Your new team is now created.

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