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Using Antidote

To get started using Antidote 9 integration with Beenote, you must have a paid Beenote or Beeboard account and use Firefox or Chrome browsers.

If you have a previous edition of Antidote, upgrade to Antidote 9. And if you don’t have it yet, buy it now.

Antidote integration manifests itself in two ways in the Beenote interface:

1) The appearance of icons Beenote-antidote-icones-trio (in the toolbar at the top right of the page) of a green hook, a green book and an orange book.

2) The appearance of the small emblematic vial Beenote-antidote-icone-fiole-correcteur in each of the text zones.

To learn more about integrating with Beenote >


To call the dictionaries, select a word and click on the green book .

Just click on the orange book to call the language guides.

To launch the corrector, select the text you want to submit and click on the hook or the flask .



Secretary mode
For confidential note-taking during your board or committee meeting, depending on the authorized participants. Your agenda content becomes private in real time.