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Meeting Rights

Delete a Beenote Account

Beenote gives specific rights according to the role of each person (account manager, administrator or standard user) in an organization. Consult the section related to the role you are assigned to learn more about how to delete an account.

Account Manager

An organization’s Beenote account manager is the one who can accept new users by creating new accounts, modify or delete users and suspend user accounts.

In other words, it is possible to delete the organization’s account in a global way. Deleting all standard user and administrator accounts within the organization. However, it can also delete each of the standard users’ accounts individually.

Delete a Standard User’s Account

To delete a standard user or administrator account:

1.From your Beespace, open the available drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow to the right of your screen.

2.Click on Configuration.

3.Select Users.

4.In this section, you will find all active and non-active users of your account. Account managers, administrators and standard users can be found there. Click on the arrow to the right of the information of the person whose account you want to delete.

5.The complete profile of the person will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of it and click on Delete.

If you do not wish to permanently delete this user’s account, it is possible to simply suspend his account. The data are therefore kept. Simply check the Suspended user account box just above Delete. The person’s email address will then be crossed out for you means that the account is suspended.

6.You will need to confirm the cancellation of the account and click on Yes.

Delete the Organization’s Account

As the account manager, you can delete your organization’s account. To do this, you must contact Beenote’s team to have them assist you in this procedure.

To contact Beenote’s team >

To not extend the subscription

1.From your Beespace, open the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow to the right of your screen.

2.Click on Configuration.

3.Select Organization.

4. Scroll down the page. Click on Do not renew subscription.

5.You will then be directed to your organization’s subscription summary. Click Do not renew subscription.


As the account administrator, you can delete your own account, but Beenote does not give you the right to delete another person’s account in the organization. This right is reserved exclusively to the account manager.

The procedure for deleting your account is the same as for a standard user. (See section below.)

Standard User

As a standard Beenote user, you can delete your account yourself. To complete the deleting of your account, simply follow these steps.

1.Go to Account Settings.

2.Click on Account.

3.The organization to which you belong will be registered. Click on Leave this organization.

N.B. If you belong to more than one organization, they will all be listed. Thus, you will have to leave each of the organizations in order to permanently delete your Beenote account.

4.A new window will appear. You will need to confirm your willingness to leave the organization and, by the same token, permanently delete your account. Please type “YES” to confirm.

5.Click on Delete.

For more information on Beenote’s privacy policy >

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