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The quorum

Note: This function is available
in Beeboard

Add the quorum

First of all, the quorum allows to approve the agenda by email. Thus, the approvers validate the important documents before sending the final version to the other members.

When you complete the preparation of your agenda (Meet Later), you can determine the number of members that should be constituted.

It includes approvers whose role is to be the leader or partner in the meeting to approve the agenda .

Select Ready for Approval (1) button.

Ask for approval

Then, you may ask for approval before sending the final version to everyone who is called to the next meeting.

Also, you can determine the number of members that a quorum should be. Approvers must have the role of leader or partner in the meeting in order to approve the agenda (2). This allows the approvers to accept or not the agenda offered.

If the selected number of votes is met (3) , then the agenda is approved.

By checking the appropriate box (4), the leader will receive the email response when a quorum is reached.

Save (5) in order to keep the information.


Follow up on approval

In order to track and have the necessary information for the meeting, you must go to your Beespace in My Meetings to view the meeting.

It will say – Pending Approval – at the top of the meeting name.

When a quorum is reached, the – Pending Approval – will disappear.


By pressing the circled i, you will get detailed information:

– Role of each person
– File and team assigned for the upcoming meeting
– List of approvers
– Date of the vote
– The list of people who consulted the document and the date


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