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Start Meeting Now

The Start Meeting Now allows you to exchange quickly between colleagues on specific subjects. However, this method offers the possibility of keeping a written record of the tasks, topics or decisons that you want to keep.

What you will find in this article:

Start Meet Now

To start Meet Now, go to your Beespace and clic on ajouter-note-icone icon next to My Meetings (1) or New Meeting (2) bottom on the top of the window.


Then, just choose the meeting type that suits you: is it a last-minute meeting (e.g. scrum) or a structured and planned meeting (such as a board meeting)?

In this case, we will click on Meet Now :


Meet Now will allow you to start a meeting instantly, without having to prepare and distribute an agenda.

Very useful if you need to hold an unscheduled meeting, but want to keep track of the decisions made and tasks assigned !

Hold a Meeting

At the start, Meet Now always contains the first topic. You can also add topics as you wish during the meeting.

So, you are already ready to take notes, assign tasks and record your decisions.

As with a Scheduled Meeting, all Beenote features are available in an Immediate Meeting.


Please note that the time will be in red because the meeting was not scheduled with time allotments for each topic.

The most essential functions of Meet Now

Beenote-Start and hold a scheduled meeting-details

1. Detailing the topics
Write down important details about the items discussed during the meeting.


2. Change topic
When you have finished the topic, press this Beenote-case-a-check-topic-order-of-the-day icon and check the box Beenote-case-a-cocher-sujet-ordre-du-jour to finish it and move to the next topic.

You can also select the next item to discuss with this iconBeenote-fleche-changer-de-sujet to advance to the next topic.

3. Add a Note

You can add a Note during the discussion of a topic by clicking on this icon en-reunion-ajouter-notes.

4. Assign a task
Also, you can Assign a Task to a member of your organization by selecting this icon en-reunion-assigner-tache-bouton.


5. Make a Decision
By pressing this iconBeenote-icone-notes-decision-ordre-du-jour, you can document a Decision.


6. Close Meeting

To end the meeting, simply click on the close-meeting-small-icone in the options bar at the top or bottom left of the pageclose-meeting-large-icone.

It will immediately be available in the Unpublished meetings/agenda list.


7. Taking attendance 

Before the meeting ends, a window will open. You can take attendance by keeping track of the people present at the Immediate Meeting.


Voice recording

Beenote offers you a quick solution! You can record a voice message. Just give permission to the microphone microphone-icone.

Add Folders and Links


You can attach files and links about the discussions at this impromptu meeting.

If you want to plan a meeting, read this section Create Agenda >

Reviewing the Quick Meeting

You can then review the meeting at your leisure, to make clarifications and corrections, before publishing the final version.

Close a Meeting

The last step is to confirm your desire to Close the Meeting.

There are two options:

Close Meeting and Publish the minutes immediately.
Close Meeting and Review the minutes at another time before publishing them.

Reset a Meeting

To Reset the Meeting, simply locate and select the three small dots () at the top of the meeting window.

In the menu that appears, select Reset Meeting.


A second window will appear.

Select Reset Meeting again to confirm your choice.

This meeting will be back in your Beespace in My Meetings.

You can restart the meeting by selecting and starting it again or change the date to move it.

Secretary mode
For confidential note-taking during your board or committee meeting, depending on the authorized participants. Your agenda content becomes private in real time.