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Start Meeting Now

 To start, go to your Beespace and click on add-new-taskMy meetings (1) or on New Meeting button (2).

Then, just choose the meeting type that suits you: is it a last-minute meeting (e.g. scrum) or a structured and planned meeting (such as a board meeting)?

Start Meeting Now
Start Meeting Now will allow you to start a meeting instantly without preparing and sharing an agenda. It is very useful if you hold a spontaneous meeting but you want to keep track of the decisions made and tasks assigned! With one click, your meeting starts!

An immediate meeting contains the first topic.

You are ready to take notes, assigned tasks and recorded your decisions. Is one topic not enough? During the meeting, you can add more if you need to.


As for the planned meeting, all the Beenote functionalities are available during the immediate meeting. Very useful during an improvised meeting: the meeting audio recording (in all or only the important points) microphone-icone, taking pictures (to keep sketches on whiteboards) and inserting files or inserting links to websites. You can keep track of the meeting participants by adding them to the meeting. teammates-icone

When the meeting is overclose-meeting-large-icone close-meeting-small-icone, it will immediately be available in the “unpublished” meeting list. You will be able to revise it in all quietude, to make clarifications and corrections, before publishing it in a final version.

Take note that instant meetings are also available with Beenote App (iOS and Android).

If you want to plan a meeting, read this section Create Agenda >

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