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Integrate your Tasks in Outlook Tasks

1.In order to activate integration with Outlook Tasks, you must first log in to your Beenote account with the Login with Microsoft button on the login page. It is imperative to connect with this button for the integration to work.
2.In the Beenote menu, go to Account Seetings and click on Integrations.

3.Click Enable in the Integration with Microsoft Outlook Calendar option.

Your Beenote’s Tasks Are Now Synchronized

Integration with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar will allow you to integrate your personal, assigned and tracked tasks in Beenote with Outlook Tasks. When a new task is created for you, you will receive an email informing you of it and it will automatically be added to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Outlook Tasks.

In addition, you can receive a task reminder directly in your calendar. The time of the reminder is at your discretion. You can customize the reminder settings according to pre-set times (Later in the day, Tomorrow or Next week) or completely customized (Choose a date and time). Learn more about task reminder >

You will be able to manage your tasks from Beenote, but also from Outlook Tasks. Synchronization allows you to modify and create a task in one place so that it automatically changes in the order.

For example, you have completed an assigned task and check it in your Outlook Tasks, its status in Beenote will then be changed to “completed”. And vice versa! Change the status of the task in your meeting management application, it will check itself in Outlook Tasks.

In your My tasks section of your Beespace, the button outlook-tasks-synchronization-button- is used to enable synchronization between Beenote and Outlook Tasks. For example, if you change the status of a task and it does not update in both, click on the button and the synchronization will be done.

All Information Without Synchronization

However, in a situation where you do not want to integrate your Beenote into your Outlook Tasks, you will receive an email notification for each new task that concerns you. This email will contain an ICS file that will allow you to choose the action to be taken. Depending on the action you choose, the task may or may not be added to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Outlook Tasks.

Learn more about integration into your corporate calendar >

*It is important to accept the conditions to have access to integration.

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